Today the market is full of laptops and when you planned to buy a laptop for yourself then
its become very difficult to choose from them.
Every person wants that he/she will get a good configuration within budget,but because of
inproper knowledge of specification and market price we choose a product which is not so good.
So if you planning to buy a laptop then we are sure that this article will help you.

There are some laptops with good configuration under 25000INR

1. Dell Inspiron 15R

If you are looking for a laptop for your business or for entertainment then this will be a right  choice to choose.This product is powered with 2nd Generation corei3 processor

Features :
Display        15.6Inch HD LED Backlit
Processor   Intel Corei3 2nd Gen clocked at 2.1GHz
RAM             3GB
Memory     500GB
OS                 DOS
Battery       6 Cell with 4 Hours backup
Other          WiFi 802.11a/b/g/h,Bluetooth,Ethernet LAN,3 USB ports,1.3MP webcam
Priced at Rs. 24,999

2. Asus X54C-SX454D


In this price range this product from Asus is a good option.
With this you can enjoy a good performance within budget.
This product is also powered with Intel Corei3 2nd Generation Processor

Features :

Display       15.6Inch LCD
Processor  Intel Corei3 2nd Gen clocked at 2.3GHz
RAM            2GB
Memory     500GB
OS                 DOS
Battery       4 Cell with 3 Hours backup
Other          USB3.0,WiFi,0.3MP webcam
Priced at Rs. 24,899

3. Samsung NP300E5X-A0BIN
When we hear about Samsung then we think that it will not offer any product within budget,    but Samsung also offering a budget laptop with great performance.

Features :

Display       15.6Inch
Processor  Intel Corei3 2nd Gen clocked at 2.2GHz
RAM            2GB but expand upto 8GB
Memory     500GB
OS                 64bit DOS
Battery       6 Cell with 6 Hours backup
Other          Gigabit LAN,WiFi,1.3MP webcam,Intel HD Graphics,Bluetooth
Priced at Rs. 24,999

4. Toshiba Satellite C640-I4019


Toshiba, a quality name among laptop users,Its many of product are too good.and because of the
competition, Toshiba also offers a budget laptop for their user and it is Satellite C640-I4019.

Features :

Display       14.0Inch
Processor  Intel Corei3 1st Gen clocked at 2.53GHz
RAM            2GB DDR3 but expand upto 8GB
Memory     500GB
OS                 DOS
Battery       6 Cell with 4 Hours backup
Other           Ethernet LAN,WiFi
Priced at Rs. 24,999

5. Fujitsu Lifebook AH532


This product comes wit a good look and which is powered with Intel Corei3 processor.
This product is also good for professional as well as to students also.

Features :

Display       15.6 inch HD LED backlit
Processor  Intel Corei3 2nd Gen clocked at 2.2GHz
RAM            4GB DDR3
Memory     500GB
OS                 DOS
Battery       6 Cell with 5 Hours backup
Other           1000MBit/s LAN,Bluetooth,WiFi,USB Ports
Priced at Rs. 24,950

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