Nothing better in this winters than having a cup of a hot herbal tea as it not only soothes and relax soul but also mind and body. But it is important to choose the type of Herbal tea which suits you and palette.

Another key aspect is to cover vessel while preparing tea as it contains essential oils and they vaporize to steam. In order to avoid that cover the vessel.


The benefits of Herbal Tea

There are more benefits of Herbal tea than a popping a pill. It keeps you hydrated and it has also a social element. You sit with friends and family to have tea which also helps in relaxation of mind and soul.

When you have Herbal tea you can have a aroma therapy which you can’t have with a pill. Having a cup of tea in a room, which also make your room smell nice and aromatic.

How to Choose a Herbal Tea

It is important to have a herbal tea from the trusted source as it has to made from high quality ingredients.

Anytime having a tea in the day or in evening or before you sleep gives you essential building blocks which boost your immunity which further helps in manufacturing of tissues and balancing hormones.

There are so many wonderful Herb tea to chose from … I am providing you list of 6 Herbal Tea. 

  1. Peppermint Tea or Mint Tea

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It is infusion of mint leaves and spearmint leaves. Bring it to boil and your cuppa of hot tea is ready. Mint tea is caffeine free and you can also make it from herbs in your kitchen garden.It has a ability to infuse digestion,reduce inflammation and also reduces muscle spasm. 

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     2. Ginger Tea

Notorious for its digestion,anti fungal and anti bacterial properties Ginger makes our winter a smooth sail.To  make a hot cup of ginger tea and infuse some lemon and honey in it.Make sure to boil the tea for at least 10 to 15 minutes to get the proper flavours. This concoction is powerful tool to combat cold,bad throat and weight loss.

  1. Chamomile Tea
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A calming and gentle sedative which is made from the white daisy like flowers. Sounds like a fairy-tale but it is true..Carefully plucked daisy like flowers from the mountains and those blended to perfection for a perfect cup of tea.This white flowers tea have some amazing health benefits and helps in combating insomnia too. It adds in digestion and perfect time to have is after heavy meal as it digests our food easily.

4. Tulsi Tea

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Also known as Queen of Herbal , Tulsi or Holy Basil has numerous health benefits. This is our Indian tea which is herbal and now it has made mark in the western world too. I personally chose Tulsi Organic Tea Brand-A trusted brand for years.

You can simply pluck some Holy Basil leaves from your kitchen garden and infuse with ginger and later with honey to make a morning cup. It has numerous benefits from fighting against diseases like respiratory, common cold and cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Clove Tea 
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Though bit pungent in taste, this has amazing benefits as the tea. It reduces tooth ache and fights inflammation and reduces deem i.e. water retention in body. To prepare clove tea add some crushed cloves to your tea vessel and let it simmer for around 15 minutes, then strain it well  and have cup of it.

6.Sage Tea

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Sage tea leaves can be beneficial in many health related problems like flatulence and other digestive problems like diarrhea, stomach pain, heart burn and bloating. Sage tea is also quite beneficial in reducing depression and Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps in boosting memory and the strengthening of the nervous system. But for that it has to be consumed on the regular basis.

Above are the herbal teas and now I give you bit of cheat sheet..Grab a pound cake or tea cake and just have a slice along with your herbal tea…Mmmm is the word and thoroughly enjoy your winters along with being healthy.

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