Dell Announced a New member Dell XPS 11 at Computex 2013

xps 11

   XPS 11

                                     Dell XPS 11 HYBRID

So In Taipei at Computex 2013,Every manufacturer is attracting crowd by launching their new Products.
So Dell also make their entry to Computex 2013 by launching their XPS 11.

This laptop comes with a 11.6 inch of screen and it can flip 180 degree also,
and when flipped it works as a tablet.Its Design is similar to XPS 12.

Its Aluminium and Carbon Fibre body give a perfect look to it.

It is powered by latest Intel Core i5 Haswell processor so we can expect a good battery backup.

As we said before it comes with a 11.6inch WQHD display which will offer you a resolution of 2560*1440p @267ppi.

This Laptop runs on Windows 8.

When its display is not detachable so when we use it as a tablet the keyboard is attached but it will not
work or you can say will not accept any input.
Touch works very well when used as a tablet and In this laptop , USB 3.0, a SD card reader and  thunderbolt ports are present.

Dell is also providing a Stylus with it .Thickness of 15mm Make it really good to carry.

Its RAM size ,Battery capacity and Its Storage are not declared by Dell. Dell also not revealed its price.

If we say this Product Can be a really tough competitor to Lenovo YOGA then we are not wrong.


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