Researchers developed a new technology for you.This Technology is used to give Text Input to any device.This Technology is named as “Air-Writing ” & The device  name is  “Air-Writing Glove System”.

As it name shows,this device let you give text input to your device without use of any physical keyboard or any digital pen.
For giving text input ,you have to just wave your hand into air and type text into air and  the text you draw into air will be converted into digital text.
The inventors of this technology told that you can use it for writing messages or for sending E-Mails.
According to Christoph Amma,a doctoral student who developed this technology also believes that this technology could also be in our clothes so that we can use it any where.

How It Works?

Amma told that there are some sensors which are attached into that gloves and whenever a user moves their hands into air then these gloves start recording hand movements and then they send it to a computer system which translate them into text and amma also told that these sensors are too powerful to sense weather a user is typing in air or just moving hands.

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