Nokia ready to rock the market with new Smartphones in 2017


Nokia have seen ups and downs in the mobile phone market. The mobile phone giant that was earlier the most preferred amongst mobile phone lovers had suddenly seen a decline in demand of its smartphones, but now Nokia is again ready to woo the market with its new range of smartphones ready to enter the market in 2017.


The market is full of rumors about Nokia making a major comeback with Android OS supported tablets and smartphones in 2017. According to the leaks and rumors, the Finland based mobile manufacturer have started working on launch of two new smartphones.

While the phone would be entering the market in 2017, Nokia has already decided the marketing strategy. The rights of launching, selling, advertising, and manufacturing are sold to HMD Global that has further selected Mother for globally marketing the smartphones under the brand name Nokia.

This comeback from Nokia will be a big move made by Nokia and the company has ensured that it will go a long way by making the 10 years contract with HMD Global. These Nokia smartphones will be launched in just few months from now as the company has already geared up with marketing and manufacturing of two Android 7.0 smartphones. These phones will have the famous Nokia touch and feel with amazing colors to flaunt. There would be much more to this phone other than the color and texture as this time Nokia is all set to make a lasting mark in the smartphone industry.

The features and specifications of this new Nokia phones are not yet out but there is a lot being speculated by the experts. These smartphones will come with 5.2 or 5.5 inch QHD screens. Adhering to current trend of selfies and instant camera pics, Nokia will work on the cameras to make the phone different from those existing in the market. The camera features may depict the exclusivity of Nokia as the company is planning to introduce innovations to make their phones unique.

Nokia is believed to be working on fingerprint scanner as well. All new entrants in the smartphone industry are now taking up security of the phone data as the prime feature and this will also reflect in 2017 Nokia phone. Nokia has carried out extensive research on graphene material to make one of the most sensitive fingerprint sensor. Apart from these security features, these smartphones will also offer commendable performance with Android 7.0 Nougat Software.

Other features included would be enhanced notifications, split-screen, and better gaming experience empowered by Vulkan API. It will also have one of the most talked about Z-Launcher from Nokia earlier seen in Nokia N1 tablet that would upgrade the user experience substantially. One can expect 3D touch technology as the company seems to be working on the improvement of the skin too.

About the marketing plan of the new introductions from Nokia, the statement is already released by the Pekka Rantala, CMO of HMD Global to Adweek. He has mentioned in his statement that they being the exclusive license holder of this iconic and trusted brand, would work ambitiously on this project. They wanted to hire the agency that worked on the similar ideology to bring in the new products from Nokia to the smartphone market.

Mother, the company working for the launch and marketing of these smartphones would start its work by preparing for the global launch of the phones that are expected to hit the smartphone market in Q1 2017. Showing the excitement of working for the brand like Nokia and HMD Global, Robert Saville, the founding partner of Mother said that Nokia is loved all over the world and is known to the gadget lovers. He also added that they are thrilled to be part of the new chapter of Nokia along with HMD Global and would love to work their best for the success.

As all partners are geared up, the speculations are getting higher as the mobile giant Nokia is ready to make a major comeback in 2017. Whether it will snatch the market from the existing leaders or will require further upgrades, only time will tell!

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