iPhone Screen Replacement And Repair


The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular and one of the fastest selling mobile devices in the world. This is mainly due to the advance technological features that are available to the users which provide a high user experience with unmatched performance and reliability. For this reason, the iPhone is used by many top business executives along with the general masses. This sleek phone packs performance, style, elegance, security and entertainment all into one making it a marvel of mobile technology.

iPhone Screen Damage

iPhone_screenLike in the case of all mobile phones, the screen of the iPhone also gets damaged either due to the phone being dropped or due to other reasons, rendering it useless. Now in such cases there are two options with the user, to get an iPhone replacement screen or simply buy a new iPhone. The screen of the iPhone is one of the most important parts of this device, and iphone screen damage similar to the rest of the phone, is an engineering wonder in itself. Therefore if you go out to buy an iPhone replacement screen you will find that it does not come cheap.

iPhone Screen Replacement

The replacement process of the iPhone screen is a matter of complexity altogether, especially if you are planning to do it yourself to save the extra cost of getting it replaced at a service center. The screen of any iPhone consists of three layers, the Liquid Crystal Display, the glass digitizer and the smudge screen. Even if any one layer is damaged, you will have to replace the entire screen since it is not possible to separate the layers from each other.

Although the best option is to get the screen replaced at a service center mainly because the service engineers will do a better job, if you are going to do it yourself, then you can refer to video tutorials from the internet. First you will have to buy a new iPhone replacement screen from any online store. Be sure that you know what type of part you are buying and whether it is for your version of the iPhone or not. Always buy company recommended parts because they last longer and come with warranties. You can search on Apple’s website to find which part they recommend for their phones.

Online Tutorials

Once you have got yourself a new screen, you can check out the online tutorial videos and learn how to change the screen. You will also either arrange or buy the tools that will be used in the tutorial videos since you cannot simply pop open the screen. The iPhone screen is very delicately attached to the phone and you will have to be careful enough not to damage any other part of the phone during the replacement process.

iPhone screen replacement is best done by professionals where you will not have to worry about any damage to your phone. You can also compare the cost of getting the screen replaced with the cost of a new iPhone and choose to buy a new iPhone instead.

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