ios 7 features                           

                                      iOS 7 features

Apple revealed its most awaiting iOS 7.
Apple build it from top to bottom,its Design,its performance,its control
all get better now.Today we are going to tell about some new features introduced to iOS7.

Lets have a look on iOS 7 features


1. New look

Apple compltely remove their old design from iOS 7 ,and they introduced a new Design ,which
gives transparency effect on screen.The new look is attractive and more elegant.

2. Smarter SIRI

In iOS 7 SIRI gets more smarter,now There are new voices of male and female and now it is capable of
control more features like bluetooth,Screen Brightness and your voicemail too.

Now it also can read wikipedia for you and can give you web results from Bing.

3. Control Center

Apple introduced Control Center in iOS 7(as we see in android OS) . From here you can control many setting
of your device like wi-fi,Media control ,airplane mode.
You can simply enter to control center by swiping up your screen from the bottom.

4. Airdrop

In Mac OS ,there was a feature of Airdrop,by which you can transfer files from one Mac System to another.

Now Apple also introduced this feature to iOS you can transfer files from one iOS device to another iOS device.
it uses bluetooth or Wi-Fi for doing this.

5. Camera Filters

iOS 7 comes with Camera filters,if you want to give an effect to your photographs before or after the picture taken,
then you can use these camera filters.
Apple introduced many camera filter in iOS 7.


6. Activation Lock

Apple Devices are picked up more than any device by thieves .
So for stopping this iOS comes with an Activation Lock Feature.

By this feature anyone will not be able to use your iOS Device without getting
your iCloud user id and password.

(Before this feature thieves was able to simply wipe the device to make it usable )

7.  Multi-Tasking

In iOS 7 all apps will be able to run in background ,And you can access them by simply
tapping twice your Home button(Same As before).
and now you will see a small screen of running apps instead of their small icon.

There are some more feature introduced to iOS 7 but we didn’t share them as these are the main features so we shared only these with you ..

Hope you will like it ……


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