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Internet presence is a must in today’s world for every business body. Thus, the profession of web development is flourishing like nothing else. You might be anything, a professional developer for a company, an agency providing web development services, a business owner willing to develop own website, a freelancer providing services at a reasonable rate or just an amateur looking to hone your skills; you can easily make some mistakes which are easy to make and yet might prove to be fatal for the website.

Mistakes can happen to anyone, even the machines. Mistakes can be a learning opportunity and it can be a lesson not to repeat it later but some mistakes you can easily avoid by reading this article. We shall point out 3 such mistakes in this article.

1. Don’t be Overtly Innovative: Yes, you need to be innovative else your site will not catch attention or attraction. But do not over do it.

Think of the phone which changed the way we used a mobile phone, iPhone. Apple did indeed presented it but lets have a look at the components. They used a microprocessor, a battery, a capacitive screen, all of which existed in the world. They modified an existing operating system called UNIX (father of Linux) to call it the proprietary iOS which runs the iPhones.

Thus, you can also use existing ideas and codings. Perhaps they also borrowed their ideas from someone else. It is only humane to collect present and existing ideas and present them in a better way, just like Apple did. And yet, this renewed presentation can change the world, like it did in Apple’s case.

You don’t need to create a website which is completely new. You just need to present the site, using all the existing technology, in a different way so that it looks and feel better so that it clicks to the visitors. You can check how your top competitors are doing by going to Google and search for your top keyword and check the top sites from there. You can get an idea how they are doing and how you should proceed.

You might feel that you know all about your direct competitors. The target audience, however, see this differently. For them, you are one of those sites who are fighting for their attention for a given specific keyword. There are also competitors who run Google Adwords and have a strong chance of beating you here.

2. Guide The Visitors Once They are in your site: What do you want them to do once they are in your site? Have you thought of that? The truth is there is only a small percentage of visitors will do what you really want them to do. When a 2% conversion is called good, it means you are lucky even if one visitor out of 50 visitors will listen to your call of action. Please don’t shorten this already short ratio.

Please keep in mind these few points.

  • If you are a service provider, you might want them to call you. In that case, display the phone number and all the necessary details prominently at the top of the landing page.
  • In case of a product seller, you should welcome them with information of your highest selling products and the offers etc. which are going on presently.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want from your visitors, you can simply design your website, even each page of your website, accordingly. This will help the visitors to understand the underlying theme of your website and they are more likely to stay if they are looking for your service or product.


 3. Be A Developer, Not A Designer: This is true for the designers who later became developers. I personally know a few who fall prey to this mistake.

You can easily spend hours in Photoshop or Corel Draw trying to make a webpage which looks great visually. However a good developer can easily do a few things which might take good designer hours. Colour combination, font styles, alignment, spacing etc. can be done with a few lines of codes easily. Thus, worthless is your hours of work on getting those right.

I will say, if you are a designer, rather than a developer, you should work mostly on eye candy. Then leave it to the developer to get it fine tuned.

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