Choose a Tattoo-Design for You

Now a Days Tattos are becoming so popular between teenagers.Young boys and girls wants to make them as their body part beacause they think it will be a part of their personality too and it also help them to look stylish.
but before wearing a tattoo,everyone of us should care of some things beacause they do a permament marking and it can not be removed easily.

10 Things you should care before wearing a tattoo:

1. Right Spell

Every time before wearing a tattoo,make sure that it is correctly spelled and at the time of wearing you are not drunk.

2. Language-

when you ready to wear a tattoo then wear a tattoo with language which you know or try to know the meaning of tattoo which you will wear.
Because if you don’t know the meaning of tattoo and
its meaning is not according to you then it will be a worth.

3. Your Age –

When you wear a Tattoo then think of your future,
the tattoo you are wearing make what impression on your children’s or Grand-children’s

4. College or School Tattoo-

Not to wear a tattoo that represents your school or college,because whe it will get over then there is no mean to wear this

5. Your Lover Name-

Don’t wear the tattoo of your lover name because its life and no-one knows what will happen.

So avoid to wear a tattoo of your lover ones.

6. Search for designs and their meaning too-

Before wearing a tattoo,try to spend some time in tatto-studio or over internet and search for a good design that suits
your personality and also search for its meaning.

7. Body-Area-

when wearing a tattoo,make sure you are comfortable to show that Body-area.

If you wear a tattoo and you are not comfortable to show it then there is also no mean to wear it.

8. Make a Design by Yourself-

If you are good to draw anything.
then why don’t you design a tattoo for yourself.so make a design and ask to any tattoo-Artist to make it for you.

If he is ready to make it ,then its to good for you.

9. Temporary before Permanent-

Always before wearing a tattoo,make sure to wear it temporary.
so wear it temporary and look for the response from your family ,you friends and you near-ones.

if after some time,you think it was good then you can think of making it permanent.

10. Think Again-

Now think again before wearing a tattoo.
because after wearing it,it will be a part of your body too and its not easy to remove it

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